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Soul Sisters


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Angel is, well, an Angel. Like I stated in the home page, she is the light in this friendship. She's one of my best friends, but my only sister. I really do love that girl...
Site Name: Angel
Age: 14
Location: Here.
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Animal: Dogs
Marital Status: Single
Fav. Book: Moonlight on the Mill Pond
Fav. Movie: The Notebook
Best Friend: Me
Fav. Drink: Vanilla Coke
Fav Food: Italian
Hair: Brown (Dark)
Eyes: Brown (Dark)
Instrument: Flute, some Piano, and Once Tried Saxophone. (I'd say stick with the Flute.)
Favorite Place to Go: Back Porch, in the Summer, when it's ~*WARM*~ 
Favorite Moment Ever Together: When she stayed the night at my house for the first time, we thought a certain person was *watching* us, and, when I said there was a truck coming down the road, and I said "THERE'S SOMEONE COMING!!!" And she flattened herself on the bed, coffinlike, and gave me the look of death. The most awesome inside joke EVER!
Favorite Dream: The world had fallen into chaos, after the Rapture: Seeing Jesus, the best dream ever.